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Buyers and Sellers in Brampton – Ontario Real Estate REALTORS® Understand Thriving GTA Market


Brampton is one of the cities comprising the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and one of Canada’s largest cities. There are many attractions drawing newcomers to this family-oriented community from both within Ontario, and abroad. The GTA housing market continues to soar, but Brampton still has a suburban feel to it. The housing prices are also still within first-time buyers reach, but as the market continues to increase, current homeowners have the potential to make a significant profit on their investment. Whether buying or selling, homeowners can look to a hometown real estate agency to help navigate the unique market of Brampton, Ontario real estate.


 When choosing the right person to represent your interests in buying or selling property in Brampton, it is important to choose a licenced sales representative. You can even go one step further and seek out a REALTOR®– these are professionals who are licenced and governed under a strict set of ethical guidelines, over and beyond the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act (REBBA). This is to protect both the client and the agent and to ensure the best service is provided when undertaking this important life decision of buying or selling real estate.


It is crucial for buyers and sellers to understand the importance of having a REALTOR®promoting your property for sale, or helping you to find your dream house. In a time when most people turn to the internet for information, one must ensure they have the most accurate information. It is most certainly a different world when comparing how our parents bought houses! There are nine common myths that can cost homeowners money when buying or selling. A REALTOR®can help and they know the industry and the business; they can also offer explanations and guidance when things get a bit tricky!


Benefits of Choosing a REALTOR®

Often people assume they can do a great job of selling their own homes and forgo the hiring of a REALTOR®. Buying or selling a house requires a skill set and knowledge that most people do not have. Homeowners will have to get the property listed online, market it to prospective buyers, negotiate contracts, and deal with any issues that arise during the home inspection or loan application phase. A REALTOR®will do all of this for you, likely saving you money and preventing further stress in what can be an intense experience.


With such a hot housing market like Brampton, Ontario is experiencing, it’s better to have that knowledge on your side. Choose a local team to represent your best interests. Real estate agencies like JN Asensio, not only work in Brampton, but live there too. Located in the heart of downtown, the team of agents on staff take a personal interest in helping folks buy or sell their homes. Teams like theirs offer more than expertise; they create a personal relationship built on trust.


Traditional Marketing Strategies Still Work

REALTORS®will advise how to prepare your home for sale (staging,) and market it for sale using different marketing strategies. The iconic symbol of the real estate market is the "for sale” sign. This simple but effective tool announces proudly to the community that your property is up for grabs. It identifies who you have selected to represent your interests and gives the potential buyer a point of contact. The Open House is another traditional selling tool that showcases the appeal of your property to the community. It introduces your REALTOR®to the community, so potential buyers can personally ask any questions about the property. Traditional methods such as classifieds and printed publications are still an effective method for marketing. However, with the power of the Internet and the website, listings reach over 85% of homeowners beginning their online home search.


For buyers, REALTORS®in Brampton can help you see the big picture. Often, we get sidetracked at house viewings by the aesthetics, but they can bring you back down to earth by getting down to the foundations and assessing the property. Using a check list when you view houses with a REALTOR®is recommended and will keep you on track.